• Flow Capital Holdings - Far circolare le criptovalute nel mondo degli affari on-chain

    Il numero di investitori istituzionali (gestori patrimoniali, fondazioni) con asset crittografici è aumentato drasticamente e continuerà a crescere in futuro, secondo una nuova indagine di Fidelity Digital Assets. Il 70% degli investitori istituzionali intende acquistare o investire in asset digitali nel prossimo futuro, con oltre il 90% di loro che prevede di farlo entro il 2026. Più del 90% di q
  • Strategic Partner Of CWIEME Berlin Holds Inner Mongolia Rare-Earth Industry Online Show In China This Month

    On July 20, 2021, the Inner Mongolia Rare-Earth Industry online show, sponsored by the Department of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will kick off, which will set the stage for rare-earth industry enterprises to integrate image display, brand promotion, mutual exchange, and business negotiation, and will jointly grasp the future growth of the
  • 【中意首席外交官】文化战略合作全面开启——谢千里

  • Chuangyang Culture uses BlackMagic design equipment to provide live broadcast technical support for Tomford

    Chuangyang Culture, a Chinese short video and live broadcast enterprise, chose to use BlackMagic design equipment to provide live broadcast technical support for the top international cosmetics brand Tomford. In Alibaba's live broadcast platform, it has achieved more excellent picture quality and stable live broadcast service up to 12 hours per day with ultra-low bit rate.
  • Esperti medici si uniscono a China Eastern Airlines per costruire "muri protettivi" di primo soccorso in volo

    Wang Ren, un medico ortopedico, ha salvato un passeggero di sesso maschile con anamnesi di palpitazioni. Il 1°maggio il passeggero ha sofferto di oppressione toracica, mancanza di respiro e dispnea a bordo del volo MU2259 da Guangzhou a Xi'an.
  • InfiRay Releases World's 1st 8 Micron Thermal Camera Detector

    Yantai, China, June 9, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - InfiRay has developed the world's 1st 8 micron uncooled thermal camera detector, with a large array (1920 x 1080) and core technologies including a low noise readout circuit, high uniformity VOx film, sub-wavelength optical absorption structure, and small pixel self-heating effect compensation. A higher spatial resolution has been achieved and moving
  • BYD Builds One-millionth New Energy Passenger Car

    First 100 pure-electric BYD Tang SUVs head to Norway with plans to deliver 1500 cars in 2021
  • 【中意首席外交官】文化战略合作全面开启——王云仙

  • China Eastern Airlines ottiene risultati notevoli nella riduzione di emissioni di carbonio e nel perseguimento di uno sviluppo sostenibile

    China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) ha risparmiato più di 600.000 tonnellate di olio combustibile e ridotto le emissioni di carbonio di circa due milioni di tonnellate nel 2020, grazie ai suoi sforzi per migliorare l'efficienza operativa e promuovere lo sviluppo verde negli ultimi anni, secondo l'ultimo rapporto sulla responsabilità sociale d’impresa (RSI).
  • 《问鼎全球高端 领创璀璨未来》2021年引领全球各界巅峰人物——周和林

    周和林 1950年生于上海,祖籍浙江镇海。学生时代即习书法美术,1984年参加上海中国画院美术书法进修班,师承胡问遂,钱茂生等名师,曾获得“ 上海市职工书法篆刻展”一等奖,“神龙杯”全国青少年书法大赛园丁奖等。作品入编《上海书画家篆刻名典》,1984年由赵冷月,钱茂生介绍加入上海书法家协会,原为上海市少年宫,宜川学区艺术学校书法教师,现为上海东方书画院画师、中华卫视艺术风采栏目艺木会员、中国书画家联谊会新文艺群体书画家工作委员会委员、现在上海同欣进修学校书法兼职教师,民建会艺专委副主席.中国楹联书研会常务理事,新文艺报副编辑。

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UNISOC and CTTL Helped Fibocom to Obtain the World's First Cat.1bis Module GCF Certification


On December 21, 2020, UNISOC, China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) and Fibocom jointly announced that Fibocom L610-EU module was officially awarded the world's first 3GPP UE category 1bis module (Cat.1bis for short) GCF/CE/NCC certification, which marked that the Fibocom Cat.1bis module equipped with the UNISOC 8910DM chip has the overseas supply capacity officially.


Ran Wei, director of China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said, "China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) pays close attention to the technology evolution route and market development trend of the Internet of Things. Cat.1bis solution is one of the cellular Internet of Things technology solutions, belonging to the LTE technology family, which can meet the market demand for a medium and low rate and low power consumption. Especially under the background of global 2G phasing out the network, Cat.1bis solution brings a new choice to the industry. China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) have been making unremitting efforts to provide a complete GCF/PTCRB/CE/FCC certification test channel for the chip, module and terminal enterprises, build a test environment for debugging, and create a practical and effective one-stop service, so as to assist enterprises' products in entering overseas operators and markets.”


Judy, Director of product marketing of Fibocom, said, "Regarding Fibocom LTE Cat 1 bis L610-EU Module series products, after the L610-CN achieved all domestic certifications in April 2020, the L610-EU won the GCF/CE/NCC certification among the similar products for the first time in the world. Fibocom would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our ecological partners, UNISOC and China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL), for their strong support. After opening up the Cat.1bis GCF certification channel through this cooperation, L610-EU, L610-LA and other series products will be exported to European and Latin American markets successively. Based on the favourable market reaction of L610-CN, we firmly believe that L610 series products will make greater achievements in the global market."



Alan Huang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Industrial Electronics Department, said, "As the world's first Cat.1bis chip platform, UNISOC 8910DM has rapidly become the benchmark of medium-speed IoT category with advanced technical specifications and leading technology maturity since its release, and has continuously created many firsts in the industry. The commercial success of the chip platform cannot be separated from the test of the global market. Next, UNISOC 8910DM will officially enter the European, Latin American and other overseas markets by virtue of the large-scale commercial experience accumulated in the domestic market over the past year. UNISOC looks forward to a fruitful cooperation this time in the global market."


Media Contact:

Company: UNISOC Technologies Co., Ltd

Contact: Yueying Tang, PR Team

E-mail: yueying.tang@unisoc.com

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