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In the Era of Digital Economy, How Will DiDimessage Change the Life in the Future?


With the innovative application of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and mobile network technologies represented by 5G, the world is rapidly entering into the digital economy era with digital information as the key production factor, leading to a profound changes in the new digital life scenarios.

As a basic Internet technology in the digital economy era, blockchain is not only closely related to big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the IoT, but also applied to life scenarios due to its decentralization, distributed storage, p2p information transmission. It has become an important technical foundation for the development of the digital economy.

In today's tremendous tide of rapid development of digital economy supported by the blockchain, DiDimessage, as a one-stop and full-service platform, relies on the advantages of blockchain technology to propose a digital ecological model of "blockchain + social networking + digital economy", in order to create a social ecology based on the privacy and security protection; an entertainment content ecology centered on information, games, live and communities; a digital economic ecology derived from digital currency, payment, financial management and custody; committed to the global digital infrastructure to make technological innovation drives the real value transfer of the blockchain and create a new lifestyle in the digital economy.

Therefore, what changes DiDimessage will bring to the future digital economy lifestyle?

1. DiDimessage makes the social networking more secure

During the epidemic, stay-at-home policy and public activity blockade measures have led to an explosive increase in the types, frequency, and duration of people's online social life, while personal social privacy security risks have also increased. In the era of economic globalization and data globalization, once Internet companies have the access to the big data, it is very easy to mine personal private information through big data, virus implantation and other means.

In the face of social security issues, DiDimessage uses blockchain end-to-end encryption technology to encrypt personal information data files, which not only guarantees the authenticity, security, and credibility of the data, but also allows users to become the only people who can decode, realizing encrypted chats. At the same time, it has developed innovative functions such as encrypted chat, burn after reading, message recall, private groups, and multiple languages.

In order to satisfy users with more chat experience, DiDimessage has launched a variety of chats forms such as one-to-one, group chat, interest community, personal moments sharing, etc., based on the social needs of users to strengthen the user's social relationship experience and provide users around the world with a safe, efficient and convenient social experience.

2. DiDimessage makes entertainment more fun

Based on the diverse needs of social application scenarios, DiDimessage blockchain technology will accelerate the in-depth integration and integration innovation with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to provide richer entertainment content in social scenarios. The game section is updated and launched in a new version. Users can obtain rewards in the form of digital currency via game pk challenges, and also invite friends to participate in game competitions and strengthen the entertainment relationship between each other. At present, the activity of collecting red packets by regularly playing games is ongoing.

For the future new versions, people could find more friends in the community. Besides, news, games and live to become a KOL are also offered for users... Enriched and diversified content makes everyone have a fun and colorful social life.

3. DiDimessage makes digital economy more convenient

Financial service is an important sector based on the blockchain technology. Pain points existed in payment, assets management, exchange and other fields can be solved with blockchain technology. For the future blueprint in digital economy, DiDi cooperates with ICCBANK, a globally famous digital assets management bank, to allow it take care of the third-party custody. Meanwhile, DiDi keeps up with the latest blockchain technology, and opens more payment scenarios in secure payment, digital bank and digital assets custody, gradually covering digital assets and other fields and becoming a digital economy platform that provides services to users in the world.

    DiDimessage has brought brand-new experience to users in digital economy, and is recognized by the users in the world. It has listed on the hot APP rankings for several times. It is expected that in 2022, the number of users will reach to 1million. In the foreseeable future, DiDi will keep to upgrade and grow into the globally largest “digital economy lifestyle” service platform.

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