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Always Stand by Your Side, W Broker Witnessed a 30% User Growth in the 3rd Quarter


As of Oct 30, 2021, global clients of W Broker, an international online brokerage firm based in Hong Kong, reached 65,000, up a whopping 30% in the past quarter. Since its founding in 2017, W Broker has become a rising star in the industry owing to its own distinctive philosophies and services. Investors believe in W Broker and speak highly of W Broker.

Such eye-catching growth and amazing client feedback stem from W Broker’s mission and core value. W Broker team understands that the world of investing is complicated and often brutal, many keen investors are turned away simply by high thresholds and unnecessary barriers.

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, the father of social business and microcredit, believes that finance is a social tool to re-design the socio-economic framework and to build a more equal society. Powerful platforms like W Broker are devoted to making investing more accessible to people and to empower them with education and technology.

W Broker is committed to promoting more effective, transparent, and efficient allocations of global investment resources through innovations in products and services. That is how we make online investment Safe, Simple and Reliable.

Simple - Lower Threshold

  • W Broker focuses on providing investors with bespoke and user-friendly products and services, powered by technology and innovation. By doing so, W Broker frees investors from lengthy and cumbersome traditional ways of account opening and management;
  • Simple to get started - W Broker lowers the investment threshold and serves investors in 175 countries and regions. No restriction on location and bank account. Under simple and clear instructions, users can start the investing journey within 10 minutes;
  • Simple to operate - In W Broker App investors will never be bothered by dazzling interfaces, distracting additional functions, or complicated operations. We make the opertaional interface simple to learn and easy to manage.

Safe - The Most Basic Guarantee

  • Fully-licensed - The Group is equipped with securities dealing Type 1 license from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and a license from the Financial Service Providers Register of New Zealand. W Broker is under rigid supervision and regulation of HK SFC and USA SIPC. SPIC protects investors from financial losses in addition to trading losses by providing an insurance of USD 500,000 (including USD 250,000 in cash). And the Hong Kong Stock Exchange pays compensation as much as HKD 500,000 to investors of any nationality who suffer pecuniary losses as a result of default of a Type 1 licensed financial institution in relation to exchange-traded products in Hong Kong.
  • Multiple risk control - Front-to-end risk control systems are in place protecting investors, filtering high-risk products by screening off high-risk stocks and imposing restrictions on high-risk trading. A strong technology and operation team is always on standby to ensure safety for W Broker’s clients.

Reliable - Stand by Your Side

  • W Broker believes in putting clients first. This is how we grow up and thrive. W Broker team understands that the world of investing is complicated and often brutal, and we believe that many failures could be avoided and young investors deserve to understand the importance and benefits of investing. W Broker stands by the clients, not to promote or encourage excessive trading but to provide them a platform of transparency, education and support.
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